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Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Why New Homes Need Upgraded Basement Insulation

Why New Homes Need Upgraded Basement Insulation

Insulating basement box sill with spray foam
Basements are an important area of home energy loss, and they are often overlooked for insulation.

Basement box sills and rim joists are a significant source of energy loss. These areas are some of the thinnest points in a home’s exterior and allow outside air to easily leak into the basement. This makes the basement unnecessarily cold and can impact the temperature of the floors in the home’s main level.

Not only can unconditioned outside air enter the home around the basement perimeter, it is also a convenient entrance point for pests. Spiders, bugs and other creatures can easily find their way into a home through penetrations around access points for HVAC, electrical and plumbing.

When considering insulation for basement box sills and rim joists, spray foam should be at the top of your list. Spray foam adds R-value and seals air leaks to eliminate outside air and pests. It also helps keep additional moisture out of the basement, an area already prone to damp conditions.

Insulating and air sealing basement rim joists and box sills will keep your clients and their entire home more comfortable. Ask us about spray foam insulation for basement box sills for your next new home construction project.

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Monday, March 26, 2018
What you don’t know about indoor air quality

What you don’t know about indoor air quality

You may be surprised to learn that indoor air (in your home, office, etc.) can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. The majority of our exposure to pollutants in the air is from indoor air we breathe.

When considering the significant amount of time we spend indoors, indoor air quality becomes even more important. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the average person receives 72% of their chemical exposure at home.

Indoor air pollutants can come from outside air infiltration that isn’t properly ventilated, materials used in the manufacturing of home furnishings, cleaning products and more. There are many ways to improve your indoor air quality. Here are some tips:

  • Seal air leaks - Sealing air leaks helps create a controlled indoor environment. This allows a qualified energy auditor to develop a ventilation plan to effectively maintain clean indoor air. Spray foam insulation effectively seals air leaks and insulates in one step.

  • Properly ventilate - An effective mechanical air system with good filtration can help remove polluted air from inside the house.

  • Reduce indoor chemicals - Choose low-emitting products that have been third party certified such as GREENGUARD. Many insulation products are GREENGUARD certified.

Have questions about your home’s indoor air quality? Contact our office. Our team is happy to help.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
How Spray Foam Helps Prevent Freezing Pipes

How Spray Foam Helps Prevent Freezing Pipes

This winter’s weather has been tough to take – both for individuals and their homes! If a home is not properly insulated, cold weather can cause pipes to freeze. Frozen pipes are an inconvenience and can cause serious damage. When the temperature of a water pipe drops below freezing, water volume in the pipe can expand up to 10% and cause pipes to burst.

Spray foam insulation is a great product to protect pipes from cold temperatures. Here are three ways spray foam insulation can help prevent freezing pipes:

  1. Add foam insulation to walls that are located near water pipes. In open cavities, spray foam insulation can be added prior to closing the walls. In existing walls, injection foam can be added to exterior walls.
  2. Insulate your attic or crawl space with spray foam insulation. Spray foam helps protect water pipes from cold temperatures. It is also water resistant which makes it ideal for use near water pipes.
  3. Insulate and air seal basement rim joists with spray foam insulation. This helps keep cold outside air from infiltrating the basement and away from pipes. Insulating and air sealing your basement rim joists can also help the main floor of your home retain a comfortable temperature.

If your home has frozen water pipes or you want to prevent future damage, contact our office to schedule your free estimate. Our team will review your home and make recommendations for ways you can help reduce the risk of your pipes freezing.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
How to Choose the Best Insulation Contractor

How to Choose the Best Insulation Contractor

Contractor handshake
When doing home improvements or building a new home, it can be difficult to know if you’re choosing the right contractors. How do you know if a company is reputable and will be there if a problem arises? Can you trust that contractor to show up on the day the work is scheduled?

Don’t let hiring an insulation contractor be an overwhelming process. Here are some tips to help ensure you are making the right choice:

  • Contractor experience. It’s important to know your contractor has experience in insulation. In today’s economy there are many new companies who may not have the proper training to install insulation or the experience to work on your project. Ask for references and a project history to be certain that contractor has the right experience.
  • Building science savvy. A quality insulation contractor understands building science. They should be able to address your home’s overall energy performance and answer questions about topics such as air sealing, ventilation and indoor air quality.
  • Insured and licensed. A contractor should be licensed and insured to work on your home. If you have any doubt, ask.
  • Customer care. A reputable insulation contractor will return your calls in a timely fashion, answer all your questions and fully explain your project estimate.

Foam InSEALators has extensive insulation and building science experience, is up to date on new insulation technologies, is properly licensed and insured, and cares about providing great customer service. To schedule a free estimate for your insulation project, contact our office.

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