Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Injection Foam

Injection foam installation
Foam insulation is most often thought of for use in new homes. Foam insulation can also be used in attics in existing homes, and can be used in walls and other closed cavities in existing buildings.

The comfort of your home is impacted by both the insulation and the air leakage.
Insulation’s primary role is to prevent heat loss and gain within your home. Insulation is most effective when air is not moving through or around it.

Preventing this air movement is called air sealing. Much like a heavy winter coat provides good insulation on a cold day, the coat does not effectively do its job until it has been properly zipped. Consider the zipper to be the air seal.

Handi-Fill Wall Seal has been specifically designed with High Flow Technology to go where no foam has gone before. Wall Seal effectively fills blind wall cavities while providing an effective insulation and stopping air leakage within the cavity. Click here for more information about Handi-Fill.

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