Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Home Air Sealing

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Benefits of Air Sealing Your Home

Air sealing your home has many benefits. If you're wondering if sealing air leaks is worth the investment, here are six reasons to air seal your home.
  1. Lower Energy Bills
    Air sealing helps keep the heated or cooled air inside your home. This translates into greater efficiency and lower utility bills.
  2. More Home Comfort
    Because more of your conditioned air will stay inside your home and drafts will be reduced after air sealing, your home temperature will remain more consistent and your family will be more comfortable.
  3. Better Indoor Air Quality
    Air sealing helps prevent the air inside your home from becoming contaminated with pollutants and allergens.
  4. Prevents Mold
    Air sealing helps keep your attic and crawl space dry which decreases the likelihood of mold, water damage and pest invasion.
  5. Prevents House Deterioration
    Pollutants and mold spores in the air can cause damage to the foundation of your home. Air sealing your home will help prevent these pollutant particles from entering your crawl space and attic.
  6. Cost Effective
    Air sealing is a relatively inexpensive home upgrade and can start saving you money right away. It will also provide your family with peace of mind.
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