Tuesday, July 7, 2020

My Attic is Only Used for Storage. Do I Really Need to Insulate?

It can be hard for homeowners to invest in areas of their home that they don’t regularly use. So, should you insulate your attic? The short answer is yes and here's why. You may not be aware that 70% of your home's energy is lost by air moving upward. If you make your attic more efficient by insulating, you will see an almost immediately reduction in your utility bills.

For maximum energy efficiency, you need more than just insulation. You also need to air seal for even more savings on your energy costs. Insulating your attic with spray foam will improve thermal resistance and seal air leaks, making your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

All areas of your home work together from the basement to the attic. Proper insulation and air sealing throughout your home will give you the best results with energy efficiency.

There are different varieties of insulation that can be installed in your attic. Contact us at Foam InSEALators and we can recommend the best insulation for your attic.

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