Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation commonly comes to mind when thinking about insulation. Today’s fiberglass insulation is formaldehyde free and made primarily of recycled materials. It comes in two forms: batt or blow-in fiberglass

Fiberglass Batt Insulation is available in widths suited to standard spacing of wall studs, and attic or floor joists. Batt insulation:
  • Has excellent acoustics
  • Is noncorrosive
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Won't settle over time
  • Is lightweight
  • Is certified for superior indoor air quality (IAQ) performance

Blow-in Fiberglass InsulationBlow-in Fiberglass Insulation can be installed in nearly any space and is commonly used to insulate attics of new homes. It can also be dense packed into closed cavities including:
  • Garage ceilings under heated areas (where there is a room above a garage)
  • Interior walls for sound control
  • Exterior walls as part of a BIB installation
  • Between floors for sound control
  • Upslope areas in attics 

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