Thermal Barriers for Spray Foam Insulation

About Foam InSEALators
Foam InSEALators has been installing foam insulation since 1994 and is the largest spray foam contractor in Maryland. Hear more from our General Manager and our customers.

Why Choose Spray Foam?
Whether you are buying a new house or renovating your current home, the choice of insulation is more important than you may realize. Learn about some of the benefits of using spray foam insulation when building a new home or remodeling your existing home.

Foam Insulation and Financial Savings
Energy prices are projected to nearly double in the next two decades. Homes that are traditionally insulated, under insulated or do not have air sealing will generate energy bills that will be difficult for home owners to afford. Spray foam insulation can decrease energy bills by up to 40%.

What is Air Sealing?
Some air leaks are necessary to allow for the escape of gasses from the home that are by product of heating air and water. Others result from how the home was built and the aging of building materials. Air sealing closes those unnecessary leaks that rob our home of energy savings.

Where Are Air Leaks?
Air leaks tend to occur in similar areas throughout the home. Most home owners aren't aware of all the possible areas air can leak from.

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