Wall Insulation

Spray foam insulation is very effective to keep the walls of a new home or existing home comfortable. Cold walls can dramatically affect your home's interior comfort! In new home construction, spray foam insulation can be installed in the wall cavity prior to drywall going up. Have an existing home with cold walls? Injection foam can be installed in a closed cavity to completely insulate and air seal the wall.

New Homes
Spray foam insulation can easily be installed in the walls of new homes. Since spray foam insulation is installed in an open cavity, there are many options to insulate this space. Both open cell spray foam and closed cell spray foam insulation can be in walls of new homes. A Hybrid Insulation System is another option for insulating walls of new homes. This is a combination of spray foam plus fiberglass batt insulation.

open-cell spray foam in custom new home construction in Virginia
Open-cell spray foam in custom new construction home located in Virginia.

Wall Insulation Existing Homes
Existing Homes
Injection foam can be installed in spaces as small as 1/2 inch. To ensure the cavity is not over filled and the injection foam is properly filling the entire space, an infrared scan is performed during installation to show our installers how the foam is going in place.

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